Heidi Danahy

Heidi Danahy has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Lifestyle Fitness Coach for over 20 years. She has taught a variety of fitness classes across the country and developed a successful fitness consulting business on the East Coast. Opening Priya Pilates & Fitness is the culmination of her dreams.

Heidi is certified for Pilates through Balanced Body University and has completed all of the certifications and has also been trained under the tutelage of Katrina Foe of Personalized Fitness in Phoenix. Heidi is available for personal training on the Reformer, Exo-Chair, Tower, CoreAlign, and Mat Work. She also teaches group fitness classes in pilates, kickboxing, step, strength training and flexibility. Embark on a journey designed to empower you through self-reliance, personal responsibility and physical challenges.

CoreAlign training is a perfect way to develop upright posture, good balance, and core strength. It was developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman to help people recover from injuries. It is also a solid workout that will fine-tune your athletic abilities. Whether you’re training to overcome an injury or seeking a core-strengthening exercise, it is a great addition to your routine.

Private Training Rates:

  • Private Session w/Heidi: $65/hr