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CoreAlign Classes: Part mind-body, part cardio, part strength and totally unique!

Have you ever felt that one leg is stronger, or your shoulder doesn’t quite rotate correctly? CoreAlign training is perfect for working on developing good, upright posture while also developing balance and core strength. It was developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman to help those recovering from injury as well as those seeking a workout that will fine-tune their athletic abilities.

The dual capability of the CoreAlign makes it a versatile addition for clients at Priya Pilates. Whether you’re training with a physical therapist to overcome an injury or seeking a core-strengthening exercise for better performance, it can be a great addition to your routine. The new Priya Pilates Group Equipment Training Systems Class Optimizing Repertoire (GETS CORe) Programming is a highly organized group progression that we have applied to the CoreAlign setting. The GETS CORe design is based on a scientific approach to body adaptation, learning styles and psychological approach to movement.

The GETS CORe Programs center on progression, with each class building on the last. The Program is structured as a 30 class curriculum, meeting for an hour twice a week. Each individual entering the Program starts at the beginning with the Phase 1—Fountationsclasses. Phase 1 progresses to Phase 2—Integrationand then Phase 3—Challenge. New Phase 1 classes start every 5 weeks for the brand new Carpe Diem Client.

These Programs designed by Carpe Diem Pilates in Eugene, Oregon will address patterns that have been developed over time through gravity, negative postural habits, injury or just general aging. Through this class curriculum, the development of more appropriate neurological patterning occurs, creating an individual awareness of functional movement in your body that transfers to day to day activities.

Fitness Classes at other facilities

Wednesday 7:00am: 50/50 Spin & Strength at Snap Fitness West Sedona ($10/class) – get there early to be sure you have a bike!

Friday 7:00am: 50/50 Core & Cycle at Snap Fitness West Sedona ($10/class)

  • Snap Fitness: (928) 282-2139