Priya Pilates Sedona

Intro to Priya Pilates:

Meet Heidi, Achmed, Holly, and Sandy as they demonstrate Pilates and CoreAlign equipment and techniques.

Our Programs:

We have the only licensed, progressive and comprehensive CoreAlign training program in Arizona based on neurological science as well as physical reconditioning. Every student in this program learns the exercises the same way through 3 levels - Foundation, Integration and Challenge so that each student understands the exercise, how to do them correctly and how to make modifications for their own bodies for the Advanced classes. Each level is 5 weeks long and is taught in either a group or personal training environment.

Our Pilates program is based on the teachings of Joe Pilates with a contemporary interpretation. Classes on the Reformer are either 201 (Intermediate) or 301 (Intermediate to Advanced) and require that students have a solid base of knowledge from another studio or have taken privates with one of our instructors.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a great workout in the studio and a great life outside of the studio!

Class Pricing:

Pilates group classes and other group fitness classes are charged by the class.

Pilates Class Rates:

  • Single Class Rate: $25
  • 10 class card: $200

10% off 10 class card for members of any gym!

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